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5 Crucial Mistakes People Make After Sustaining a Work Injury

Sustaining a work-related injury can be detrimental to your personal and professional life. To ensure that you receive justified compensation and peace of mind, you must consult a competent personal injury attorney.

Successful personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, specialize in helping their clients in case they are involved in a matter of personal injury caused by another party.

You need to act swiftly and resourcefully to maximize your chances of getting the deserved worker’s compensation. However, people are liable to make several blunders that might hamper their chances of being compensated for their injuries.

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Here are five crucial errors that people make after sustaining a work injury that you should avoid at all costs:

1) Reporting Your Work Injury After Considerable Time

The most common error individuals make is to report their accidents in an untimely manner. In Philadelphia, worker’s compensation laws need the injured person to report their injuries to their employers. Failure to do so can put the integrity of your injuries under suspicion.

It is better to reveal your injuries to your employer and claim compensation rather than enduring them unnecessarily. It would help if you were transparent about the situation and reported minor injuries.

2) Not Disclosing Every Injury Sustained

Another frequently made mistake is failing to report all the injuries you sustained in the workplace accident to your doctor. If you suffered injuries to your legs, but have damaged your back, disclose it to your healthcare provider. Forgetting to tell secondary injuries can risk your claim to be treated as worker’s compensation fraud.

Always be upfront about your injuries and symptoms that might not be painful (e.g., blurry vision, etc.).

3) Not Being Represented Professionally

The biggest blunder the injured person can make is not seeking professional legal representation to get worker’s compensation.

Without the help of a professional attorney, you are vulnerable to the other parties, your insurance provider, and your employer. The other parties have likely sought the help of lawyers to avoid paying your worker’s compensation. This is why you need to get represented by competent personal injury lawyers.

4) Keeping Previous Workplace Injuries a Secret

It is important to reveal any information about previously sustained injuries. Even if the injuries were seemingly minor, it is crucial to report them when filing for worker’s compensation.

Inability to do so can result in a loss of compensation altogether. Therefore it is important to be thorough and clear while filling out the report.

5) Skipping Work Even When You Have Recovered

The failure to return to the job when you can is another mistake people tend to make. It is essential to understand that if you have recovered from your injuries and choose to skip work, you are voluntarily losing your income. These are legitimate grounds to lose your worker’s compensation and, worse, get fired.

Final Words

Work-related injuries are a huge deal and are causes of significant stress. However, you can focus on your recovery by avoiding some of the most common mistakes and working with an experienced attorney.

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