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Are you hiring a personal injury attorney or are you pursuing your own claim

Many people handle straightforward claims on their own and think they save on legal fees. Still, severe cases often benefit from the experience and knowledge of the experienced personal injury attorney.

Personal injury claims cover a wide variety of situations and different types of accidents. You may have been injured in a car accident, slipped or fell on someone else’s property, or have been bitten by a neighbor’s dog.


All of these things are considered personal injury, and the extent of the injury can make a big difference in claim processing. In other cases, you may wish to seek the advice and assistance of a qualified attorney to address your concerns.

Minor personal injury

Everything depends on the severity of injuries and the legal aspects of the accident. Still, if you are not sure what to do or how to deal with a claim, you can communicate with dog bites lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, immediately after the accident to get advice.

You can act without a lawyer when you have been the victim of a car accident without injuries (or very minor); one of the most common cases is car accident injuries. Someone could crash at low speed and cause minor damage to your vehicle, and injuries to you or your fellow travelers could result in multiple visits to the doctor.

Filing a complaint with your insurance company or the other person is usually adequate compensation to cover the cost of repairing your car and medical expenses caused by an accident.

If this is the case and you are satisfied with the insurance coverage and benefits, you do not have to call an attorney or seek legal advice, but it is certainly always advisable to do so.

Some case studies

Since you are limited to reimbursing damages for your protection with a no-fault claim, hiring a minor injury attorney may not make sense here. However, if there is a chance that your injuries are “serious” enough to hire an attorney, it is a good idea.

Paying up to your policy limits, which means that if the defendant who hurt you has an insurance policy of no more than US$100,000 and they offer you a US$100,000 settlement, it may not help. The additional dollars provided by the insurer would have to be collected directly from the defendant.

In many cases, however, the insurance company’s interests are on par with yours – their primary goal is to receive the highest possible compensation to pay you back for your situation.

Contract for representation services of a personal injury attorney

It appears as small as possible in the documents to have more profit since almost all personal injury attorneys are working on an emergency.

This means that your injury attorney will not receive money or legal fees unless you win the case or negotiate a settlement. Contingency fee agreements work by allowing the attorney to make claims for damages out of your contract.

The agreement is structured around a percentage of the amount of money you will receive.

For example

The contract may stipulate that the attorney will receive 30% if he reaches an agreement before filing a lawsuit, 1/3 if he gets a deal after the lawsuit but during the preliminary investigation, or 40 percent if the case is taken to court and compensation paid out by a jury.

In other words, the injury attorney you choose to take your injury case to a judge will receive payment for their fees once it is ruled that you have won the case. As we have explained in the paragraph above, it will be a percentage according to the amount obtained.

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