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Can you see who views your Facebook?

The social media platform has reached a point where finding a person, place, or event has become easy and quick, but finding someone who viewed your profile, videos, page, and stories has also become very easy. Facebook is the most progressing, most used, and advanced social media application within this platform. It is older than the other applications and is advancing at its own pace.


Just when the competition has taken a sharp end, Facebook is doing all it can to stay in the top listed applications. Today, these platforms allow users to share as many video stories as they shared photo posts in the past, the number of likes, comments, or shares. It has started to show a feature like how many views your stories, photos, or videos have. With this advancing very fast in the application, the users have raised a few questions, such as Can you see who views your Facebook?


Though this feature is deeply hidden in one’s setting section, the answer to the above question is a ‘Yes.’ Now, one can see the history of people who have been active on your account on Facebook and visited your profile. But, at the same time, it is not yet very certain. Facebook ensures the user’s privacy and safety is the main priority.

Earlier, this feature was nowhere near being possible. But eventually, smart development took place, and it became possible. But still, for many years, only a definite number of viewers were visible. No visibility of the name of the viewer or their profile was visible.

With the above question about if one can see who viewed their Facebook? , many relatable questions were also placed in line by many Facebook users. These questions focused on individual categories of features that Facebook has from time to time updated on the Facebook app. As mentioned above, these features include stories, pages, profiles, and videos.


Almost everyone uses these features, so everyone today wants to know the answers to some questions related to these features and their connection to viewers.

The questions that are usually asked are like

Can you see who views your Facebook story? Can you see who views your Facebook page? Can you see who views your Facebook profile? Can you see who views your Facebook videos?

These frequently asked questions are individually answered here. Make sure to share only what is true to the words. As in some features, Facebook has permitted the user to see and know the viewer. In some parts, Facebook has kept this unknown and anonymous to ensure the user’s safety and privacy.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 Can you see who views your Facebook story?

A. 1 Yes, it is possible to see who views your stories. You can easily see the number of viewers and the viewer’s name whenever you add a new video or photo story for the next 24 hours. The safe part is that only you can see your story’s viewers.

To see the viewers, go to your stories section on your Facebook app’s feed page. There, when you tap to open your account, you will see the viewers list down left. Here, you can tap on it to expand and see the list of viewers.

Q.2 Can you see who views your Facebook page?

A.2 This feature has not yet been successfully advanced because Facebook has restricted any third party should easily process this ability to let the users see the pages’ viewers until you post a specific picture or video. Posting likes, comments, and shares automatically show the page owner the viewers’ statistics.

Q.3 Can you see who views your Facebook profile?

A.3 Though Facebook follows its sincere security concerns and provides every possible way to keep a user’s security at the top, some mixed sources still have got the news that within the app, in the setting section, a feature has been added, where one can view the list of viewers of their profile.

Q.4 Can you see who views your Facebook videos?

A.4 Like the page view, seeing pictures for uploaded videos is impossible. Though Facebook still allows you to see the number of exact views your video has received.


Facebook has been the digital world that helped people become more connected, stay updated and stay in contact. It has been growing fast; as the most used application, its recently updated features of easy-to-share stories, videos, and other parts have increased brought back its old active users.

Like any other application, this interesting feature lets you see who views your activities, like your stories or videos. More than just a number, it has now become possible to know the viewer’s identity. In the very same way, Facebook has also activated these features.

This feature to see the list of viewers can be seen in their stories section. This feature is not yet activated in other activities, and the possibility of it being started is not as sure. Though many outside apps are trying to make this possible, Facebook is barring them from getting in and doing so.

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