Copyright regulation: set for an overhaul?

This spring, two House of Commons committees advocated adjustments to Canada’s Copyright Act. The first, the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, launched May 15, made 22 hints; and the file of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, launched June three, made 36 pointers for the Government of Canada. While some hints have been […]

Ford’s ‘Re-access Day’ event spotlights crook justice

During a forum held July three at Malcolm X College, country Rep. La Shawn K. Ford (eighth), activists and formerly incarcerated people addressed a number of the injustices inside the crook justice machine. The discussion board became designed to commemorate Illinois Citizens Re-entry Day, which became designated via the Illinois House of Representatives to spread […]

Designed to keep away from YouTube’s controversial copyright set of rules

Earlier this yr, the European Union handed a controversial copyright law with a purpose to pressure platforms like YouTube and Facebook to alter the unlicensed use of copyrighted fabric. That way, in concept, that any use of a popular fictional man or woman—like Spider-Man or Elsa from Frozen—in a video or picture that’s not at […]

The Intersection of Guitar Tabs and Copyright Law

Learning notes from guitar tab is significantly simpler than learning from standardized sheet song. The fretboard is visualized in a two dimensional format. It is fantastic in its simplicity. Naturally, this created a battle while guitar tablature’s reputation exploded within the Nineties: say hello to U.S. Copyright laws and the song publishing industry’s lawyers. But […]

Amendment Case Against Restrictive Copyright Law

A federal judge has ruled that litigation can move forward to decide whether Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act violates the First Amendment as implemented. EFF added this litigation on behalf of security researcher Matt Green, technologist bunnie Huang, and bunnie’s business enterprise Alphamax, with a view to vindicate the proper to speak, […]

Gigi Hadid desires to rewrite copyright law around her Instagram account

Model Gigi Hadid believes she should be capable of submit paparazzi photographs on her Instagram account because her participation of their photos — from posing to deciding on her outfit — invalidates a photographer’s ownership claims. In a copyright infringement lawsuit filed in January this yr, an organization, Xclusive-Lee, alleges that Hadid published one in […]

The Australian Aboriginal flag

Reports that two Aboriginal-owned organizations and the AFL have received cease and desist warnings over their use of the Aboriginal flag on garb have left many Australians surprised and burdened. A employer called WAM Clothing, no longer owned through Indigenous Australians, currently has distinctive rights to apply the flag on apparel. It has issued quit […]

Gigi Hadid Wants To Change Copyright Law

The Verge has a write-up on version Gigi Hadid’s modern-day felony battles with the dismissive headline, “Gigi Hadid desires to rewrite copyright law round her Instagram account.” And even as that’s technically correct, it’s not simply honest to the underlying argument Hadid and her attorneys —- led by John Quinn of Kaplan Hecker & Fink […]