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Cheers to the Winners of EFF’s 12th Annual Cyberlaw Trivia Night

The fine legal minds inside the Bay Area collected at GitHub to participate in EFF’s 12th Annual Cyberlaw Trivia Night on June 27th. Over one hundred contributors from era regulation companies and Internet companies at some point in the Bay Area attended for a night filled with obscure tech law trivialities, delicious meals, and only a dash of father culture!

After attendees had piled their plates excessively with chook and waffles in instruction for the nighttime competition, all 12 groups set their points of interest on the coveted Cyberlaw Quiz Cup. EFF’s workers joined forces to craft the questions, pulling information from the wealthy canon of privacy, loose speech, and highbrow property law to create seven rounds of trivia.

Winners of EFF's 12th Annual Cyberlaw Trivia Night

After welcoming each person to the event, EFF’s Cindy Cohn started the evening’s activities by introducing our intrepid Quiz Master, Kurt Opsahl, and our judges, Alex Moss, Andrew Crocker, and David Greene. Trivia was given off to a raucous beginning, resulting in possibly the handiest time an entire room full of human beings cheered for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and MS-thirteen, two answers to questions during Rounds 1 & 2.

There were additionally several moments in which Kurt and the panel of judges deliberated over challenges by using the teams on behalf of their answers, one of which resulted in a locating that there had been genuinely appropriate answers to a query regarding a listing of works that were NOT entering the public domain this 12 months.

It turns out Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon wasn’t the only accurate more than one desire choice at the listing due to the fact it would seem that because of some confusion approximately worldwide publishing and a ninth Circuit case from the ninety’s, Felix Salten’s tale Bambi remains under US copyright! Oh dear, the handiest time will tell if this query will return with a vengeance at a later installment of the EFF Annual Cyberlaw Trivia Night.

The rounds continued to undertake participants as the night advanced, particularly at some stage in the Supreme Court Audio Round, where all of us listened closely to Justice Ginsburg’s undying words, “Make pot criminal” and “bong hits for Jesus” even as trying to call the court case they were uttered all through (Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans).

As constantly, the group names have been extra special. Just days before the competition began, the Supreme Court ruled that the emblem “FUCT” ought to be allowed a federal trademark, and multiple institutions seized the opportunity to reference this ruling. As you can imagine, this ended in a superbly playful “advertising of vulgarity” when it came time to announce team ratings during the evening.

Competition becomes fierce, but “FUCT” in the end proved to be a successful namesake: this yr’s 1st region winner became none apart from “F.U.C.T.” (Fenwick Underwrites Cyberlaw Trivia)! They have been followed by using “DT FUCT” (Durie Tangri LLP) in the second location, which controlled to tug ahead by way of a single point over “Huawei or the Highway” (San Francisco General Council, and ringers), who took 3rd place for the night.

EFF’s summer season felony interns also made a strong showing. Their group name, “Zero Dark, Section 230,” was honestly deserving of its very own award, notwithstanding The Rules pointing out they had not been able to compete officially.

EFF hosts the Cyberlaw Trivia Night to accumulate the ones within the legal community who help their users guard online freedom. Among the many corporations that retain to commit their time, skills, and assets to the motive, we would especially want to thank Durie Tangri LLP; Fenwick & West LLP; Keker, Van Nest, & Peters LLP; Ridder, Costa & Johnstone LLP; and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati LLP for sponsoring this year’s Bay Area event.

If you’re a lawyer operating to shield civil liberties within the virtual global, recall joining EFF’s Cooperating Attorneys listing. This network helps EFF connect human beings to legal assistance while we cannot help. Interested attorneys reading this put up can pass here to enroll in the Cooperating Attorneys list.

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