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Child Trafficking Is A Crime – Here’s How You Can Help Stop It

It is estimated that there are over 40 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, and children make up a large portion of that number. Traffickers prey on vulnerable children, often luring them with promises of a better life. Unfortunately, many children are sold into sex slavery or forced labor. While it may seem like child trafficking happens in other countries, it is happening here in the United States.

Over 40 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking. Many of those are children preyed on by traffickers who often promise them a better life. You can help put an end to this heinous crime in several ways. Donate to an anti-trafficking organization Fundraising is a great way to help children and victims. Please start your fundraising campaign on the Crowdrise website or find an organization with a good reputation and look into their causes.

Child Trafficking

What is child trafficking?

The U.S. State Department has issued a graphic for adult survivors of child trafficking on how to help children caught in this awful trade. The picture does not, however, tell us what an adult survivor means or that the crimes against children and adults are similar. You can use your knowledge about trauma and neuroscience to create an intro that explains what is unique about the adult survivor of child trafficking experience and provide resources for how people can help, which will result in more clicks.

Types of Child trafficking

The reality of modern-day slavery is here, hidden in plain sight. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are victims of commercial sexual exploitation at some point. In many places worldwide, such as Europe and America, young people are trafficked for labor exploitation or forced into criminal activity like drug dealing. To help prevent these crimes from happening to children everywhere, it is important to understand how they happen.

Things You Should Keep In Your Mind:

  • What is child trafficking?
  • What are the unique experiences of adult survivors of child trafficking?
  • What resources are available to help adult survivors of child trafficking?
  • How can people help adult survivors of child trafficking?
  • What are the consequences of child trafficking?
  • How can we prevent child trafficking?

Child trafficking stories

The American Heart Association recently launched a campaign about heart health for kids based on research showing half of the kids with coronary artery disease were unaware they had the condition. The association created a few statistics around this, but their real contribution was sharing heartwarming stories from folks who knew someone with the disease. This intro helps show how the AHA’s message can be communicated emotionally through specific, relatable examples.

How you can help stop child trafficking

Once you have a solid niche and understand your ideal customer, begin with the story. Who is this for? Write down the message, who will receive it, and how you can convey it in writing. Next, write down the first sentence that comes to mind when you think of your niche or ideal customer. Please write it down and get feedback from a friend, family member, or mentor. Does it sound too general? Does it speak to everyone or just a certain type of person? Does it leave the reader curious to learn more?

The places where child trafficking occurs

There are over 30 million people in forced labor around the world. Young children, including those younger than 12, account for around half of all victims. This article aims to show you where this problem exists and figure out how you want to help. The issue of forced labor is often presented as a problem for adults. But it’s also an issue for children. In fact, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), children under 18 account for more than half of all forced laborers around the world. Children are involved in forced labor because they:

The effects of child trafficking

As human beings, we have a desire to help others. With the need for more philanthropy worldwide, the problem of child trafficking is gaining attention. People are encouraged to join anti-trafficking movements, take a stand against this crime, and join activities such as Slahoe Human Rights. Write a compelling headline that appeals to readers’ emotions using powerful, emotionally charged language.

How to get help if you suspect child trafficking

Child trafficking has become a real-world problem in the United States and worldwide. This type of human trafficking can be devastating to children and their families. Many people are unaware that buying, selling, or trading children is a crime. Child advocacy groups have created tools for parents and guardians who suspect human trafficking. Here’s how you can help these children.


According to the United Nations, child trafficking is the commercial sexual exploitation of children and young people under 18. The most vulnerable children live in poverty, have little or no parental supervision, and are forced to fend for themselves on the streets. Many of these children are lured into the commercial sex trade by promises of food, shelter, and money. Once involved, they are often forced to continue working in the sex trade by threats of violence and intimidation.

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