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Clarksville sets penalties for grownup commercial enterprise regulation

CLARKSVILLE — Attorneys representing the Town of Clarksville in a civil case have asked a judge to step in and force adult business, Theater X, to comply with new guidelines, which include hours of operation.

A motion for preliminary injunction filed Tuesday states that the business on U.S. 31 violates two provisions of a trendy ordinance adopted in June — that there isn’t a clear line of sight between the supervisor’s station and the theater and viewing booths and that it stays open among nighttime to six a.M., prohibited hours for a sexually-orientated commercial enterprise under the brand new code.

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The provisions are part of a preferred ordinance followed June 18 with the aid of the Clarksville Town Council to bolster rules on adult businesses in town, even though the phase approximately requiring managers if you want to see all parts of the company except restrooms is likewise protected inside the city’s zoning code.

Town representatives say the motion is supposed to keep the enterprise accountable for any unlawful activity that might also take the region there.

“[Theatair] X’s failure to properly configure and screen its premises lets in illicit intercourse acts — and the concomitant risk of the unfold of sexually transmitted diseases — to keep unabated,” the movement reads, in an element.

At Tuesday night’s Clarksville Town Council assembly, the council voted unanimously on consequences for the brand new code’s violations. The first violation will cost $2,500 exceptionally; the second would cost $7,500. Ongoing violations can be fined the amount according to today and will take effect after being properly published inside the newspaper, in step with Indiana code.

“The metropolis simply needs them to comply with those public health and safety rules; the reason isn’t to chase after civil penalties,” said Greg Fifer, local counsel representing the town in the appeals case. “It’s to have them comply with the town’s affordable expectancies that they operate the commercial enterprise safely and healthfully.”

This motion is state-of-the-art in ongoing civil litigation between the city and the adult enterprise. In May, Theater X filed a court docket enchantment after the city council voted to revoke its business license due to multiple alleged zoning code violations, arrests for illegal sexual pastimes, and a previous suspension within one year.

Dave Mosley, a nearby suggest for Theater X, stated although he hasn’t yet carried out a whole felony analysis on the movement, he feels it is presumptuous.

“I do not assume it’s a meritorious motion,” he stated. “It’s a part of their try to close down the commercial enterprise.

“Of course, the city can regulate things which might be a danger to health and protection — I suppose that’s a public interest — however, that is just bigotry and zealotry in motion.”

Fifer denied that the city’s filings are approximately that.

“This case has virtually nothing to do with the films which can be proven or watched [in Theater X],” he said. “I do not suppose that is an ethical problem, and I don’t assume it’s a first amendment problem.

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