Do I Have a Claim if Injured While at a Protest?

You may be entitled to file a claim seeking compensation for the damages you suffer at the hands of police, property owners, or other protesters.

Protests have recently disrupted daily activities in cities nationwide, and Tulsa is no exception. With tempers running high, reports of violent outbursts and altercations have become increasingly common. These can leave protesters suffering serious personal injuries. Depending on the circumstances involved, you may be able to hold those at fault accountable for the harm you suffer in a personal injury claim.

Injured While at a Protest

NBC News report highlighted an incident where a trucker rammed into protestors blocking I-244, leaving several people suffering serious personal injuries.

  • Altercations between protestors and property owners: Fearful of possible property damages, business owners have used baseball bats, pipes, and other weapons to keep protesters away.
  • Heavy-handed police tactics: There have been numerous reports of injuries sustained by protestors due to batons, tear gas, pellet guns, and other heavy-handed tactics by law enforcement officials.
  • Incidents involving counter-protesters: As reports of protests play out on the nightly news, counter-protesters are now appearing and instigating altercations.
  • Injuries suffered by protestors due to the above have the potential to be serious and even life-threatening. Severe cuts and lacerations, broken bones, concussions, and internal injuries caused by being struck by or against objects are common.

    Seeking Compensation for Protest-Related Injuries

    When personal injuries happen, you have the right to file a claim. This includes when these injuries are suffered at protests. Police officers, property owners, and other protestors can be held liable for the medical expenses and lost wages you suffer if they acted in a way that put you at risk of harm or failed to warn you of potential dangers.

    The Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) warns protestors to be aware of the potential for violence at these events and take steps to protect themselves from harm. If personal injuries do occur, our Tulsa attorneys recommend the following actions:

    • File a police report about the incident as soon as possible;
    • Get the names and contact information for all involved (including badge numbers and precincts for police officers);
    • Get the names and contact information of any witnesses at the scene;
    • Use your cellphone to take pictures of the location and your injuries;
    • Seek medical care as soon as possible and follow your doctor’s instructions.

    contact our Tulsa personal injury attorneys and request a consultation today.

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