Falsely claiming to be an attorney

NEW HAVEN — A city man currently was charged with falsely claiming to be a legal professional on a sequence of events, in step with the nation Division of Criminal Justice.

Jerome Dunbar, fifty-six, of Bassett Street, was arrested July three on a notable warrant and charged with seven counts of unauthorized practice of law, consistent with a release.

“Dunbar isn’t, and never become, a legal professional licensed in Connecticut … However in as a minimum seven instances filed paperwork or virtually appeared in court representing himself to be an attorney,” the release stated.

an attorney

However, Dunbar “changed into advised with the aid of the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel on several activities now not to symbolize himself as a legal professional,” officers said inside the release.

Dunbar became collared after the New Haven Police Department started out investigating whether he dedicated motor car violations, in line with the release.

During that research, the wonderful warrant changed into observed, officials stated.

He is being held on a $25,000 bail and scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Hartford on July 29.

The case is being prosecuted via the Statewide Prosecution Bureau, in step with the release.

Inspectors from that frame, which is part of the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney, arrested Dunbar on July 3.

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