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France online hate speech law to force social media sites to act quickly

French MPs have handed a landmark regulation to combat online hate speech in an effort to oblige social media networks to get rid of offending content inside 24 hours and create a new button to allow users to flag abuse.

Members of the lower residence of parliament voted 434 to 33 to adopt the regulation, which is modeled on German legislation that came into pressure last year. Sixty-nine MPs abstained.

Sites that fail to comply with the law and put off “glaringly hateful” content material threat fines of as much as €1.25m (£1.12m). The top residence, the senate, will now take a look at the regulation and could endorse amendments.

A series of tech groups such as Facebook and YouTube announced crackdowns on hateful and violent content material in recent months, spurring requires harder regulation.

Governments accused on line structures of not doing enough to stamp out hate speech at a Paris summit in May after a gunman live-streamed his assault on two New Zealand mosques on Facebook through a head-installed digicam. The footage becomes shared tens of millions of times in spite of efforts to put off it.

“We have to make certain the protection and safety of human beings online, in particular, the most susceptible,” stated Laetitia Avia, who drafted the bill. She told parliament remaining week she received such a lot of racist insults on Twitter that she once thought an abuse-loose day changed into the end result of a technical hassle.

Critics say the regulation locations too much strength in systems’ fingers by way of making them arbiters of online speech.

Facebook has wondered whether or not the 24-hour window to eliminate hateful content material is practical, saying many posts require a cautious evaluation and complex prison assessment.

MPs debated lengthily into the night time last week to attempt to agree on what constitutes “manifestly hateful” messages or videos. They agreed to consist of condoning crimes in opposition to humanity, but amendments searching for to combine specific references to anti-Zionism and hate in opposition to the state of Israel have been rejected and did not make the final textual content.

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