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Freetown Man Arrested for Keeping Flat-Screen TV Delivered to Him with the aid of Accident With Amazon Order

It might appear not anything suitable is ever genuinely loose—even in Freetown. A Freetown Man ArrestedMassachusetts guy was reportedly arrested Monday over a flat-display screen TV that he saved after it changed into added to his home with the aid of accident, Fox-affiliate WFXT suggested Wednesday, and he’s now dealing with ability prison time. Nicholas Memmo, 35, stated he ordered a 74-inch flat-screen on Amazon; however that after the TV was brought, a 3rd-party transport provider also dropped off a bigger flat-display screen as nicely, which police identified as an 86-inch 4K HDR Smart LED TV from LG. Memmo advised WFXT that even as he recognized that there had been a mistake, he “appeared into all the legal guidelines” and decided to maintain the bigger TV as properly. He also stated he spoke with Amazon, which he claims confidently that he’d completed nothing incorrect. Amazon did no longer, without delay, reply to a request for comment about its obvious correspondence with the person approximately the package deal. According to a Tuesday press launch from the Freetown Police Department, the unnamed shipping provider attempted to touch Memmo on multiple activities about the mixture-up earlier than contacting the government. Police then reached Memmo at his domestic, wherein they attempted to collect the TV. However, the department claims that Memmo “refused to cooperate.” The memo told WFXT that he spoke back their inquiries to the volume that he ought to without “putting [himself] in jeopardy,” which appears to mean that some of their questions weren’t responded at all. Per the station: “I stated ‘Do I want to lease a lawyer?’ and that they said I wasn’t underneath investigation at that factor. They have been just asking questions. I replied several questions with I don’t recognize just so I didn’t jeopardize myself,” he said. The controversy here appears to be over whether or not Memmo signed for the bigger TV. He continues that he did now not, but the shipping organization informed WFXT that he did. As WFXT pointed out, and because the Federal Trade Commission notes, humans are legally allowed to preserve gadgets shipped to them using a twist of fate—along with merchandise delivered by way of Amazon. But police claim that Memmo received the bigger flat-screen underneath fake pretense, which might be a crime. The memo told WFXT that police swarmed his Freetown home Monday nighttime before educating him to come back outdoor, at which period he turned into cuffed and taken into custody. Having acquired a seek warrant, police searched the home and discovered the bigger TV established on Memmo’s wall.

The memo turned into charged with larceny over $1 two hundred using pretense in addition to misleading a police officer. We’ve reached out to the Freetown Police Department for greater statistics and will replace it when we pay attention returned.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency may additionally have positioned them in my view identifying data of thousands and thousands of disaster survivors liable to fraud and identity robbery, in step with a recent document from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General. The March 15 record said that in an audit of FEMA’s Transitional Sheltering Assistance application, it observed that the enterprise shared and sooner or later exposed the personal statistics of two.3 million survivors of several herbal failures that blanketed the 2017 California wildfires in addition to hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Survivors of those incidents supplied their private information to FEMA to acquire help consisting of brief housing. The audit located that FEMA jeopardized personal facts that the enterprise collected about candidates when it “unnecessarily” launched some of that records to an undisclosed contractor dealing with its TSA program. The file stated that FEMA shared with the contractor “greater than 20 needless statistics fields for survivors participating inside the TSA program,” including bank names, account numbers, and home addresses. FEMA Press Secretary Lizzie Litzow told Gizmodo in an assertion with the aid of email on Friday that since turning aware about the issue, the organization has “has taken competitive measures to accurate this mistake,” consisting of via accomplishing its own audit of the contractor’s statistics system. Litzow also said FEMA is no longer sharing what the OIG diagnosed as useless records with the contractor. “To date, FEMA has discovered no indicators to signify survivor information has been compromised,” Litzow said. “FEMA has also labored with the contractor to get rid of the unnecessary statistics from the system and up to date its contract to make certain compliance with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cybersecurity and statistics-sharing requirements. As an added degree, FEMA instructed gotten smaller personnel to finish extra DHS privateness schooling.” A DHS official who spoke with the Washington Post on the condition of anonymity said that it did not have statistics that any information had been compromised. He did, however, tell the Post that the banking statistics of one. Eight million individuals were exposed inside the breach, with more or fewer than 3-quarters of 1,000,000 addresses also exposed. The enterprise stated Friday its “purpose stays protective and strengthening the integrity, effectiveness, and safety of our disaster applications that assist humans earlier than, throughout, and after disasters.”

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