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How to Avoid Life-Threatening Truck Accidents

Due to the enormous weight and size of tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers, trucks do not need to travel at high speeds to cause severe injuries. Even if a truck were to hit the rear bumper of a smaller vehicle, it would spin the latter out of control. This could result in broken bones or sprained muscles, or some cases, death. If you find yourself in such a situation in the state of California, seek legal advice from a Los Angeles truck crash law firm.

Truck accidents can be caused by reckless speeding, drunk driving, or even overweight freight. Any individual, however, would like to avoid letting it escalate to this level. As long as you ensure you are following all precautions, you do not have to worry about any legal repercussions. Here are a few ways to avoid being at the receiving end of a truck accident.

Truck Accidents

Be Aware of ‘Blind Spots’

Blind spots are areas that disallow a driver to view their full surroundings. Large trucks have four blind spots – right behind the side view mirrors, behind the truck, in front of the truck. It is therefore extremely risky for trucks to merge into lanes. A truck driver may not see your vehicle and choose to merge into your lane, crashing into you. It is essential to honk whenever you are overtaking a truck or notice a truck swerving towards you.

Maintain Your Distance

Trucks weigh 95% more than an average vehicle. Given their weight and length, it is difficult for trucks to come to a halt at short notice. If you slam the brakes to stop your car immediately, this might endanger your life if a truck is following you. Do not cut off trucks and avoid driving at a frantic rate. Confirm that it is safe for you to overtake and only then proceed with it.

It is also important to keep an adequate distance between you and the truck in front of you. While the truck will sustain minimal damage, a rear-end collision can be fatal to you. It can result in serious injuries to you and your passengers.

Check Weather Conditions

Avoid driving in the rain. If you do end up driving in heavy rain, use your wipers constantly, as a truck’s wheels can spray heavy amounts of water onto your windshield. Drive slowly and avoid overtaking trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Be Attentive

Always keep an eye on the truck you are tailing, especially if you are driving uphill. The cargo may not be loaded properly, or the ropes may be loose. The truck driver may also not change gears properly, resulting in the truck halting abruptly. If this happens, you will be at great risk. Maintain your distance and follow safety regulations.

Hire the right lawyer to ensure that you are compensated for any injuries you sustain. The right lawyer can also make the process less stressful.

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