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ICCA prepares for April conclave

Indian Corporate Counsel Association is making ready for its General Counsel Conclave from 5-7 April at Hotel Cidade De Goa, in North Goa. Delegates from among the satisfactory of India’s company recommend are already on the list. Topics for this year’s conclave will consist of: Arbitration/Dispute Resolution: “Managing Risks: In-residence dispute management systems and policies”; and “Arbitration and ADR: Current developments from India and remote places”; Anti-corruption/bribery: “Anti-Corruption: How to conceptualize and implement a successful compliance programme”; and “Hot topics in anti-bribery and anti-corruption”; IPR/Competition Laws: “Challenges within the intersection of highbrow property rights with competition regulation”; and M&A: “Key drivers and challenges for M&A in 2019”; “Managing dangers in M&A: Perspectives from India and remote places”; and “Creating fee via mergers and acquisitions”. Counsel inquisitive about attending can touch Bhargav B Bhuyanat on

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