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International Law Schools – Which One is the Best?

International Law School Admission Test (ILSA) has released its results for 2013. According to ILSA’s findings, over 400 law schools in the US offer various programs for LLM. To help students make a smart decision, we have compiled a list of the top 10 international law schools in the US and compared them based on rankings.

If you consider getting into law school, you want to ensure you choose the right school. Many schools are offering international law programs for those looking to become lawyers.

International law is a type of law that regulates matters between countries. As the United States continues to expand its presence around the globe, the number of students who wish to pursue careers in the field has also increased.

The best international law schools offer students the chance to study abroad and learn about other cultures and countries. These schools will also allow students to spend time in foreign legal jurisdictions, allowing them to develop skills that will benefit them throughout their careers.

International Law Schools


What are International Law Schools?

International law programs are designed to teach students how to apply international law to real-world situations. Students may learn about the direction of nations, human rights, trade, environmental law, and much more.

International law schools offer undergraduate, graduate, and JD programs. Undergraduate programs usually focus on the law of nations, trade law, and other subjects.

Graduate programs are tailored toward more specific fields. For example, a student may earn a master’s degree in human rights law after completing an undergraduate program in international law.

Students in the JD program may focus on the law of nations, intellectual property, and other areas. While many international law schools offer an online JD program, students must have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited university before they can enroll.

Why study international law?

International law studies are a way for future legal practitioners to gain experience in the field. Some schools offer a degree in international law.

Programs focus on the law of a specific country.

While studying international law may seem like a long-term commitment, the field is growing rapidly. There are many reasons why you should consider a career in international law.

Which International Law School is best for you?

International law is one of the most rewarding fields to enter. It is a broad field encompassing everything from international law to human rights.

If you are a current or aspiring lawyer, you might consider a career in international law. International law has become increasingly important as the United States expands its global presence.

International law is a branch of law that deals with the relationship between nations. There are three major types of international law: public international law, private international law, and customary international law.

Public international law is a body of law that is derived from treaties. For instance, the Geneva Conventions, an example of public international law, regulate the treatment of war prisoners and the protection of civilians during conflicts.

Private international law is also a form of law that is based on a country’s legal system. This type of law deals with the relationship between two private parties.

Customary international law is the oldest type of international law. It is based on the customs, practices, and rules common to a particular country.

Each type of international law has its own set of principles.

The top-ranked international law schools

Dozens of international law schools offer various degrees worldwide. The main difference between these schools is the quality of education and the caliber of faculty. Here are the top-ranked international law schools.

The University of California, Hastings College of the Law

  • Columbia Law School
  • New York University School of Law
  • Stanford Law School
  • Yale Law School
  • Harvard Law School
  • The University of Michigan Law School
  • University of Chicago Law School
  • Northwestern Law School
  • George Washington University Law School
  • Duke Law School
  • Georgetown University Law Center
  • Southern Methodist University Law School
  • Boston University School of Law
  • Carnegie Mellon University School of Law
  • University of Virginia School of Law
  • Baylor University Law School
  • Texas Tech University Law School
  • University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Top International Law Schools in Europe

To help those studying abroad learn which school to attend, I’ve compiled a list of the best international law schools in Europe. Included on this list are schools from France, Germany, and Spain. These schools offer a wide range of programs, from LLM to JD.

Here is a breakdown of each of the schools:

School Name: Université de Strasbourg

Location: Strasbourg, France

Degree: Master of Laws

Founded: 1873

School Name: Universität zu Köln

Location: Cologne, Germany

Degree: Master of Laws

Founded: 1868

School Name: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

Degree: Master of Laws

Founded: 1839

Frequently Asked Questions International Law Schools

Q: Why didn’t you go to an American law school?

A: I wanted to study international law. It would help me understand how different countries function and their rules.

Q: Do you know any other International Law schools?

A: I applied to Tulane and Loyola.

Q: What are some of the differences between international law schools?

A: International law schools focus on teaching international law, while American law schools focus more on American law.

Top 3 Myths About International Law Schools

1. Which International Law School is best?

2. Which International Law School has the best professors?

3. Which International Law School offers the best scholarships?


The answer is straightforward for those wondering about the best law school to attend. The best law schools are the most competitive and are known to produce the highest quality graduates. The key to choosing the right law school is to ask yourself a few questions. First, which area of law are you interested in? Then, is this a school with a reputation for producing top lawyers? Finally, is this school a good fit for you? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you might want to check out this link to see what schools are considered the best.

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