Business Law

Job vacancy: Lead Counsel Sports and Business Law

The IAAF is seeking Lead Counsel for Sports and Business Law at its Monaco headquarters.

Reporting directly to the Director of Legal and Business Affairs, the Lead Counsel Sports and Business Law will work intently with the Local Organising Committees for IAAF Events, the IAAF’s Marketing business enterprise, IAAF Productions, in addition to rights protecting broadcasters and diverse carriers companies if you want to recommend the IAAF and draft the relevant agreements.

They will also recommend the IAAF’s various departments in drafting widespread contracts, assisting or managing tenders, enforcing proper settlement control, compliance, and risk management approaches, and, more commonly, assisting with all corporate and business problems controlled through the Department.

The successful candidate can also be liable for transporting criminal services to the organization on regulatory matters and compliance with IAAF Rules and Regulations, pre-litigation control, and business regulation. They can also manage the IAAF’s logos portfolio in conformity with the method agreed with the Director and handle the diverse IP licensing programs.

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