Known problems, regarded solutions, however no action

Bribery, irregularities, mismanagement, visitor accidents, and consequent death and accidents that continue apace and no or terrible enforcement of the policies and regulations that the road shipping zone is mired in are not new. All that takes place on the street every day, setting the sector for lengthy in disarray, is a testimony to this. But the admission of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police commissioner, who presides over a big part of the traffic law enforcement, that all stakeholders have did not restore order to the road delivery sector has not so far been heard of. The city police commissioner at a consciousness marketing campaign that the east division of the site visitors wing of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police organized at Mahanagar Natyamancha inside the metropolis on Thursday also stated, regarding the coincidence that left a university scholar dead in Dhaka on March 19, that the bus that had run over the scholar had no path permit for the capital metropolis, the bus had 27 instances filed in opposition to it and the driving force become certified to drive simplest mild cars, no longer heavy automobiles like buses. A situation like this isn’t always constrained to the bus and its motive force at hand.

regarded solutions, however no action

It is standard of all such incidents, going on every day, within the capital town and outside. However, the street delivery and bridges minister, who has been heading the ministry for the 1/3 consecutive term, is mentioned to have particularly owned up to his failures on earlier occasions. On January 10, after assuming office for the 1/3 term, the minister said that his new time period’s precedence became to field the street delivery sector, circuitously admitting to his disasters within the quarter between December 2011 and December 2018. On October 21, 2018, the minister at a program organized using a personal college stated that he could not rein in the roads’ sickness. The home minister is mentioned to have talked of a comprehensive initiative to test against unfit vehicles, unlicensed riding, and site visitors accidents. The Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation general secretary blames dishonest delivery proprietors and people for motors walking on the roads flouting legal guidelines. The Road Safety Foundation vice-chairman blamed police negligence and extortion for this kind of scenario.

Everyone recognizes the problems and, possibly, the answers. The metropolis police leader on Thursday said that criticism could no longer remedy the situation. But only his admission to the screw-ups might neither work. He said that that coordinated initiative based on reality, involving all stakeholders, could solve the problems. All this leaves some questions unanswered. Why have the police and others taken goodbye to understand this, especially after several avenue protection moves have befallen? Why have the authorities no longer taken up a comprehensive plan to restore the field to the road transport sector, with so many people demise in accidents one after another nearly every day? In January, the road transport and bridges minister said that the healing of order to the shipping sector is probably tough but not possible, with every person working actually and critically in a coordinated way. People are willing to believe in what the minister said, and it’s time the government commenced operating.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A police dashcam video released Thursday shows a West Virginia police officer kicking and punching a handcuffed teenage boy at the ground and kneeling on his shoulder in the course of a November visitors prevent. Berkeley County Prosecutor Catie Wilkes Delligatti launched the 8-minute video to The Associated Press. The teenager’s face is redacted in the video, taken from a sheriff’s cruiser. The video suggests two officials yanking the teenager through the open driving force’s side window to the ground, wherein the lands face first and is at once placed in handcuffs. The footage indicates one of the officials then kicks and stomps him several instances and places his knee at the teenager’s shoulder blade, pressing down with his full weight. The officer then punches the youngster at least 8 instances. A minute later, the teenager is pulled as much as his feet. However, he stays limp as he is thrown further to the facet of the street. Gov. Jim Justice has stated the incident “cast a dark shadow” on law enforcement.

Authorities firstly denied media requests for the video, citing the investigation. Troopers Michael Kennedy and Derek Walker and a sheriff’s deputy were fired in January. Another deputy who changed into fired recently got his job again. Kennedy, 29, of Morgantown, become indicted Wednesday with the aid of a federal grand jury on one rely on deprivation of rights beneath the color of law — the language used to describe crimes committed through police officers whilst on the obligation. The indictment accuses Kennedy of the usage of excessive pressure ensuing in bodily injury. The teen changed into treated at a health center and launched. State police have stated the youngster was concerned in a crash with a sheriff’s cruiser earlier than a pursuit ensued, his automobile crashing once earlier than he turned into apprehended.

Delligatti said she couldn’t launch info on whether the teenagers changed into charged, announcing juvenile prosecutions are sealed. The American Civil Liberties Union’s West Virginia chapter has stated it’d investigate whether the youngster’s civil liberties were violated. “The brutality witnessed in this video is shocking, however, all too acquainted,” said Loree Stark, the West Virginia chapter’s prison director, in a declaration. “Law enforcement has a constitutional responsibility to keep away from immoderate pressure, and it’s far essential for motion pictures like this to come to light so that offending events will be held responsible.” Walker additionally faces an excessive pressure lawsuit filed final 12 months by a Charles Town attorney who says the trooper dragged his wife and slammed her to the floor in 2016 even as she became speakme to construction workers approximately a sidewalk challenge. State police spoke back to the scene when a worker allegedly sponsored his truck into the driver’s door in a car parking zone.

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