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Partners Launch New Family Law Firm Based on ‘Big Picture’ Approach

Four pro-family lawyers have formed a brand new firm, Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Bauerlein, saying they shared a comparable philosophy to training regulation. Asked to

Law Firm Based on 'Big Picture' Approach

describe their method in what can frequently be contentious divorce and custody instances. Austin Bauerlein responded that he and his companions—Rachel Elovitz, Regina Edwards, and Gillian O’Nan—take an extended-term view of families’ well-being after the prison complaints. “We are doing what we can to maintain parties’ ability if you want to cope after a divorce,” Bauerlein stated. “A lot of circle of relatives lawyers cross scorched-earth right out of the gate,” he defined. “We assume extra long-time period. Our patron will have to deal with this individual for the rest of their infant’s lifestyles. I think a whole lot of legal professionals forget about that—the huge picture.” As may be the case at smaller companies, workplace space played a role in Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein’s formation. Elovitz and O’Nan have been practicing collectively at Elovitz O’Nan considering that 2014 and brought an associate, Kelley Webb. They determined they wanted more area, and some had emerged as available in their construction at 38 Old Ivy Road in south Buckhead, in which the brand new firm now occupies the complete 2nd ground. The two partners have been talking with Edwards, a longtime solo own family law practitioner, about becoming a member of them once they found out that Bauerlein became planning to leave an established Marietta company, Browning & Smith, to begin his personal practice. “A bunch of shifting parts got here collectively at the same time,” Elovitz said. “We positioned the portions collectively—and realized we ought to merge and transition into new space as a new firm,” stated O’Nan, the coping with a partner for Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Bauerlein, which released in January.

Shared Values The 4 have had instances towards each other over the years. Elovitz and O’Nan stated they discovered that they shared similar values when they met through a contentious infant custody case six years ago. O’Nan, who in 2013 had left family regulation company Levine, Smith, Snider & Wilson to start her personal savings, stated she was representing a father who’d taken off for Europe along with his child without telling the child’s mother, who was represented using Elovitz, a solo circle of relatives attorney because 2001. The mother and father had in no way married. Two days after getting into a look for the daddy, O’Nan said, she withdrew from the case. She’d found out from smartphone conversations with Elovitz that the father had lied to her approximately the instances. “Some of the greatest days of my prison career had been withdrawing from a case,” O’Nan said with a laugh, adding that she’d fired a few clients after they “have been now not in line with my values.” That influenced Elovitz. “This became an honestly moral legal professional,” she said. “I cherished that—and we stayed in contact.” The two consulted informally over the cellphone on instances, Elovitz said, until identifying in mid-2014 to emerge as regulation companions. Elovitz said that she and O’Nan invited Edwards and Bauerlein to join their firm because of their similar outlook. “One of the matters I like about Austin is that he is simple to get in conjunction with while still performing as a sturdy endorse for his customers,” she stated. “Regina may be as hard as nails while she desires to be,” Elovitz brought. “If the alternative lawyer is unreasonable, she can cut thru that,” Bauerlein said that when 10 years in practice, he had evolved a self-maintaining exercise. “It was time to make a jump,” he said. “I got here up with a quick list of legal professionals that I wanted to exercise with and met with Gillian and Rachel. The subsequent issue I knew, I became a firm with 4 women.” Edwards had run her personal store because in 2006. “The lifestyles of a solo can be sort of lonely,” she explained. “I’d call Gillian to bounce off thoughts, and I notion it would be first-class to have partners so we could work on each others’ instances and proportion recommendation.” Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Bauerlein handles all factors of their own family law, representing each man and woman. Berlin stated the four partners are skilled with complicated infant-custody instances and that each has dealt with divorces involving estates of more than $25 million. The partners declined to call clients. “You’re not going to look us at the information speakme about our clients,” Edwards stated. “But we’ve represented a few high profile athletes and entertainers.” Along with excessive-internet-worth clients, Bauerlein stated, the firm represents “individuals from all walks of existence and backgrounds.” The 4 take care of instances statewide, however usually in Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, and Gwinnett counties. Collectively, Bauerlein said, they’ve sixty-four years mixed revel in and feature regarded in about 1,500 court hearings in Georgia. Elovitz and O’Nan additionally serve as guardians ad litem and, like Edwards, mediate divorce and domestic violence instances.
In a current article in The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process, the Jenner appellate partner reminisced about his first Supreme Court argument and presented observations about oral advocacy.
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