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Sister: Driver who died in head-on crash was not suicidal, suffered confusion from diabetes

The Missoula man who died Wednesday in an incorrect-way car crash on I-90 had diabetes, now and again became pressured due to insulin reactions, and was not suicidal, in keeping with his sister. “He might by no means harm all and sundry, and he in no way harm each person in my life,” said Lori Freeman of her brother, Martin J. Elison. “He changed into a clever guy. He becomes not suicidal, and even if he becomes, he might in no way hurt each person else.” Elison, sixty-two, became a lawyer in Missoula, practicing each criminal protection and financial ruin law. Elison was killed after he crashed his dashing automobile head-on into a semi-truck carrying wooden chips. A witness informed the Missoulian that Elison’s driving turned erratic moments earlier than the crash, attempting to keep away from oncoming drivers and converting path before dashing up around a turn.


The 55-year-vintage driving force of the semi, Clinton resident Brian Leischner, changed into transported to the health center. A GoFundMe page set up on Thursday to assist with Leischner’s clinical expenses says he’s currently in an brought about coma and a critical situation inside the Intensive Care Unit at Providence St. Patrick Hospital. Freeman, the director of professional offerings at the University of Montana’s School of Law, said her brother had Type 1 juvenile diabetes. She changed into contact via the Missoulian and agreed to talk about her brother while acknowledging that legitimate research is still underway by police officers. “He did have insulin reactions,” she said. “His blood sugar would get very low; he might get pressured now and then to the point of no longer being able to circulate at some factors. That occurred periodically. Usually, he would have sugar with him to help offset that. So there’s absolute confidence in my mind that he had an insulin reaction (on Wednesday), particularly, listening to how it went.” Freeman started her brother, left no note, had now not expressed any suicidal mind, and had no substance abuse issues that she knew of. “He becomes likely baffled,” she stated. “It gave the impression that he turned, almost making it connect while he stopped after going past the trooper. He stopped for a time frame. It makes sense that he became pressured to make a connection that something wasn’t right, then saved going. “I can’t talk for the relaxation of the family, but there’s no question in our minds he became having an insulin response.” Freeman described her brother as a “very bright” lawyer. “He defends the little guy,” she said. “He could in no way hurt every person. Some of the opposite hypotheses, with the aid of peohypothesesn’t recognize him, are unhappy and disappointing.areWe are unfortunate a person else changed into hurt. That’s difficult as well. Our coronary heart goes out to their families. I desire that they might know that there was nothing intentional on my part. He manifestly did have insulin reactions wherein he wasn’t coherent.” She said her brother had a kidney transplant in the past, and his health turned into not first-rate. She didn’t recognize if he took any medicinal drugs. However, she stated he didn’t have trouble with alcohol. The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office said it’s miles nevertheless investigating the accident, and the toxicology record gained’t be completed for any other couple of weeks. Freeman said her brother evolved diabetes as a teenager. “Typically, we’d trap his insulin reactions amazing early and get him a soda, and he would be exceptional,” she said. “It becomes most effective while he is alone that it can be a problem. Usually, he would seize it and get sugar in his system and be OK. Usually, it didn’t get to the factory where he was incoherent.” A website for Elison’s law exercise stated that he graduated from the University of Montana in 1987 and turned into “constantly pleased once I assist my customers to avoid catastrophe by way of using the regulation to protect them.” Freeman said her brother was an altruist. “The one element that anybody has talked about is my brother was given his law license but by no means made quite a little money because he changed into usually defending the little man who simply couldn’t pay for representation,” she stated. “He changed into simply a kind-hearted, caring character. Our circle of relatives exceptional wishes exits to the alternative driver, and we hope he makes a complete restoration.”

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