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The Bar Exam: A Balancing Act

Ed. Be aware: This is the modern installment in a chain of posts on motherhood within the legal profession, in partnership with our buddies at MothersEsquire. Welcome, Tiffany Hendrix Blackmon, to our pages.

As I walked into the first day of the bar examination, a wave of nausea hit. It became no longer take a look at anxiety. It changed into morning sickness. At nine weeks pregnant, I became worried about handling my first trimester signs and symptoms as I changed into remembering anything approximately the rule of thumb in opposition to perpetuities.

A Balancing Act

Law faculty prepared me to take the bar. Nothing had organized me for breaking into the felony area, even as turning into a mother. I was no longer close with all the people who had been pregnant, even as taking the bar. I seemed on-line and located minimum assets. There were occasional articles about ladies who had been pregnant or had a baby at some point in their 3L year. However, most of the time, the articles targeted why girls felt forced to have a toddler before they began their careers. The articles didn’t communicate about the logistics — how did those women honestly control their signs, stability appointments and reading, and many others.?

I examined thru message boards and observed girls who shared stories about their time getting ready for and taking the bar while pregnant or with a younger baby. These message boards were the simplest aid I discovered that gave any concrete examples and ideas. I discovered that you could request resorts for the bar. However, it required finishing office work and awaiting approval.
Since I changed into early on in being pregnant, I didn’t recognize what signs I may have or what accommodations I can also need. I wondered why no one is speaking approximately this topic? Why is there not more help available to help girls excel in their careers even as constructing the existence they need at domestic? It seemed that I become purported to strive for the elusive work-existence balance without ever having the ability to talk about my actual existence.

Taking the bar at the same time as pregnant isn’t always unprecedented. It is just now not commonly pointed out. Studying for the bar (the first time), in all likelihood, appeared a lot like most people’s schedules who had been analyzing at the same time as working. I listened to lectures on an app throughout my trip to and from work. I used flashcards and descriptions to have a look at throughout my breaks. After work and on weekends, I watched lecture films and took practice tests. It also covered naps when I was given too worn-out and breaks after I became too nauseous. I stored peppermint candies and crackers with me to examine substances to attempt to preserve nausea at bay.

I made it thru the first day of the bar with no issues. On the 2nd day, my nausea became an excessive amount to deal with. My “morning illness” had by no means restrained itself to a particular time of day, and with the aid of the afternoon, I had to call it quits. I replied to each query but couldn’t recognition on the stop and didn’t appearance my solutions. I left, feeling defeated.

When I appeared online and saw that I had now not handed, I wasn’t shocked. When I got the letter that I had failed by one factor, I became extraordinarily annoyed. Yet, I additionally knew I ought to skip. I chose to retake in February because our son is due right before the examination. I enjoyed maternity leave with our son and started out studying component-time for the duration of my go away. I endured analyzing element-time until July 1, when I chose to cease my task. I studied complete-time until the exam.

This time, I didn’t just blindly comply with the agenda given to me by way of a bar prep organization. I took a crucial observe what I should do to apply my time most effectively, so I could spend time with my circle of relatives, take a look at it, and pass the bar. I’m a visual learner and not an auditory learner. Instead of listening to audio lectures and films, I made color-coded outlines. I created and used charts to look at. I spent a long time taking exercise tests and focusing on the topics I was testing poorly. I healthy the analyzing in our son’s naps in the course of our naps, and whilst he hung out with family individuals. Best of all, he thankfully snuggled with me at the same time as I read him my outlines. There had been sure challenging when it turned into hard to stability being concerned for a baby who didn’t need to sleep or become fussy, and I concerned I could fail again because of time I lost studying. But during my take a look at breaks, I also had the joy of seeing him roll for the primary time. He began smiling and guffawing. I knew that the sleep deprivation, endless hours of reading, and first-rate observation breaks might be well worth it.

Finding out that I had handed the bar turned into an extraordinary second. I stay up to hearing memories from mothers who studied for the bar while cradling their baby bump or cuddling their baby. I don’t want the most effective stories we hear about when girls cross into labor whilst taking tests. I hope that we will start greater conversations approximately how we can aid girls in building their felony careers and assisting them in constructing the existence they need at domestic.

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