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The Largest Law Firms With The Most Women Lawyers (2019)

Earlier this week, thanks to the lately released National Law Journal 500 ranking, we discovered out which U.S.-centric Biglaw firms have been the most important of them all in phrases of headcount. As an accomplice piece to the NLJ 500, these days, we’ve got the NLJ Women’s Scorecard, a ranking of the percentage of woman lawyers and percent of lady partners at the largest 350 firms inside the USA.

For this ranking, each fairness and nonequity partners were counted as companions, while nonpartner or “different” figures encompass unique counsel, counsel, and a different team of workers lawyers. Temporary and contract legal professionals aren’t included inside the be counted. On the occasion of a tie, the higher rank is offered to the firm with more lady fairness partners.

Law Firms With The Most Women Lawyers

This yr, 271 of the nation’s 350 largest regulation companies by way of headcount number responded to the Women in Law Scorecard survey, which ranks the country’s biggest regulation companies by using the illustration of girls legal professionals. Among all 271 corporations surveyed, girls comprised 36.5% of 141,466 attorneys in 2018. But the equity partnership ranks had been best 23—Five% of women, out of 59,000 total companions. Women comprised 47% of the 67,166 associates in any respect 271 corporations.

Without further ado, here is the NLJ Women’s Scorecard Top 10 for 2019:

Berry Appleman & Leiden
Kubicki Draper
Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan
Constangy Brooks Smith & Prophete
Littler Mendelson
Foley & Mansfield
Hanson Bridgett
Kelley Kronenberg

You can be questioning wherein the largest, name brand Biglaw firms seem on this list. While most people of the pinnacle 30 companies at the scorecard have a head rely on fewer than 300, there were some exceptions, with Littler, Ogletree, Jackson Lewis, and Lewis Brisbois an appearance in the top 30. Other corporations, like Ropes & Gray, O’Melveny, and Thompson Coburn, made major strides inside the proper path whilst it got here to “now not pretty much-bringing women into the company, however keeping them.”

Congratulations to all of the companies that succeeded in boosting their ranks on this yr’s Women’s Scorecard by setting ladies in management roles and fostering a pipeline of girls and diverse legal professionals.

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