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Women Lawyers ‘Speak Up’ On RBG’s Birthday

What do RBG’s birthday, Ms. JD’s annual convention and my Dad’s birthday have in common?

Well, this year, all of them passed off on March fifteenth. If you are strange with Ms. JD, it’s for a nonprofit employer devoted to the fulfillment and aid of women regulation college students and aspiring and early career ladies lawyers. That’s right. There became a girl’s lawyers conference, hosted through a nonprofit whose sole task is to assist women attorneys, at the customer saint of ladies attorneys’ birthday. What ought to probably be higher than that? This 12-month conference was held at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and co-hosted by the Penn Law Women’s Association. The subject matter turned into “Speak Up.” The conference featured numerous panels, discussions, keynotes, and breakout classes. I was delighted to be a panelist at the Alternative Career Roadmap panel and attend several different periods. Here are most of the highlights and my takeaways from this fantastic occasion. The first workshop, “Finding your voice and using it,” given via Gail J. Cummings of Gail J. Cummings Consulting, LLC, sincerely encompassed the conference subject matter. Gail recommended that we speak up for ourselves in our careers and give concrete hints on accomplishing that. For instance, we must remove the pointless “I’m sorry” from our vocabulary and recognize and demand that we are paid our cost. My biggest takeaway from this consultation came as a reminder of something I already knew: actual braveness is not about being unafraid but being afraid and taking motion anyway, no matter your fears.

Next up became the primary breakout consultation. Attendees had the option of three panels: Law Firm Life: How to make the most of your billable hour as a purpose in your customers and self; The Alternative Career Roadmap: Use your degree in a discipline that fuels your passion, or The Public Interest Path: Advocating for your self while working for the common excellent. I spoke on the Alternative Career Roadmap panel with Monsurat Adebanjo, Director of Business and Legal Affairs at Brown Girl For The Arts Media, and Cheryl Solomon, Founder of Row House Yarn. Together, we fielded questions about our careers’ trajectory, why we determined to depart from the practice of regulation, how we ensure our monetary safety, and what realistic steps a person has to take when starting an enterprise, among many incredible questions. I was surprised to research that several attendees had been regulation students and considered beginning corporations unrelated to the prison area. Listening to my fellow panelists’ memories and the attendees’ aspirations was inspiring. My largest takeaway from this panel was that a law diploma can serve you well everywhere you take it, including an online knitting company!
I knew the lunchtime Fireside Chat with E.J. Borrack, General Counsel, The Stilwell Group, Jannie Lau, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and corporate Secretary, InterDigital, Inc., and Lisa Matson, General Counsel and senior Partner, Penn Capital Management, was going to be, properly, on fire. However, I wasn’t positive it’d apply because I don’t practice law. After all, I don’t practice law. Well, I changed it certainly incorrectly. These ladies are so badass and had such interesting and tough careers that it became impossible not to take away some excellent facts. They spoke about the stability (or the ghost of balance) inside the context of law companies and in-residence positions, the importance of ladies in management positions making sure pay equity for different women, and navigating merchandising. My largest takeaway from this panel was Jannie Lau. She shared a story about hiring a female to work as a VP beneath her, and HR asked what she makes in her modern-day position. Jannie told HR it didn’t matter what the new VP makes now. Alternatively, they ought to base her reimbursement on the activity she is employed to do.
Jannie explained that this is critical to ensure women are fairly compensated for their work. Her message did not resonate with me; however, the complete target market properly became applause without delay. Additional workshops and panels that I did not have the pride of attending protected topics together with private branding, women operating in tech, recommendations from girls working as in-house counsel, ladies with criminal careers in the navy, negotiating for career fulfillment, and a conversation about what men can and must do to make the illegal profession greater inclusive with some male allies. Among the scheduled occasions, there have been some “thought breaks” where girls shared their non-public tales and, of direction, some RBG rates. Overall, it became a remarkable day for women lawyers networking, connecting, and supporting each other. I can’t think of a better manner to have had a good time on RBG’s birthday. Can you?

Kerriann Stout is a millennial regulation faculty professor and founding father of Vinco (a bar exam training company) who is generationally trapped between her students and colleagues. Kerriann has helped many students survive regulation college and the bar examination with much less pressure and more confidence. She lives, works, and writes inside the northeast. You can attain her by using e-mail at

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