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Women’s Family Law Support Service

A carrier committed to providing unfastened support to women forced into their family courtroom system can be compelled to shut its doorways after the New South Wales Government rejected pleas to extend its funding.

The Women’s Family Law Support Service (WFLSS), located within the Sydney Registry, has lawyers, social workers, and the Family Court.

However, the State Government will cease its investment at the end of the month.

Principal solicitor of the Feminist Legal Clinic, Anna Kerr, said WFLSS became a “crucial provider” for girls and had now been compelled to “beg” for investment.

Women's Family Law

“This carrier gives a secure area they could go to in which there’s a person who can offer them with statistics approximately the court docket technique, they could make security preparations and [get] referrals,” Ms. Kerr said.

The initiative was set up in 2007 as a part of a joint undertaking between the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement and the Sydney Family Court, which affords the office area.

It has been funded with the State Government’s aid on an advert-hoc foundation for the past three years.
Chief Justice says ladies’ provider has to be stored.

Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Mark Speakman said the new Family Advocacy and Support Service [FASS] set up by the Commonwealth in 2017 affords “greater tremendous services.”

“When we stepped in, there has been no federal funding,” he said.

“In the interim, the Commonwealth has now rolled out family advocacy and assist scheme throughout a couple of circle of relatives court jurisdictions, which covers the sphere.”

FASS is available in Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, and Wollongong and affords obligation lawyer services and social support for domestic violence sufferer-survivors and litigants.

For the beyond three years, WFLSS volunteer Maureen Lacey has committed a day every fortnight to assisting women in navigating the complicated and draining device.

She said it offers a “severe stage of help” and rejected recommendations the new federal scheme made WFLSS redundant.

“There is always a want for extra services… I don’t know whatever on this area that is over-serviced,” she said.

“It’s not a big amount of investment that this service wishes to maintain going, but it does need a little funding.”

In an announcement to the ABC, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia Will Alstergren said WFLSS had “supplied a valuable guide to women.”

“It is especially vital that this support provider preserves,” he stated.

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